Student Loan Financing Companies


For those with a significant student loan burden who are wondering how to repay, refinancing and consolidating could be the best solution. Many student loan companies and other lenders are now offering diverse ways of consolidating federal and private loans into one loan.

Companies to consider

Finding the best company for this financial solution should not be a hectic process. There is no shortage of options when it comes to student loan consolidation. The student loan consolidation companies help students with various loans to combine them into one. In case you want to know how and where to get these companies, below are some of the best you could consider. Every one of them has a distinct eligibility criterion.

Common Bond

Common Bond offers both private and federal student loan consolidation and financing. There focus on the well-kkjkkjjjkjjkjkjkbeing of the community makes them gain a great network of alumni and professionals within the community that helps others with financing their student loans.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank offers both private and federal student loan consolidation and financing. Their Education Refinance Loan can help you trim your monthly payment or reduce your interest rates to make payment more affordable.


CollegeAve offers student loan consolidation and refinancing for federal, private, and parent PLUS loans. They can help you reduce the cost of your student loan, current monthly payment rates, or even both.

Darien Rowayton Bank

Darien Rowayton Bank offers student loan consolidation and refinancing for federal, private, and parent PLUS loans. The fact that they allow Parent PLUS loans owed by parents to go through refinancing in the student’s name makes them an attractive consolidation partner.


Earnest offers both private and federal student loan consolidation and financing. They are a very appealing option especially because of their broad qualification criteria and customizable repayment options.


SoFi offers student loan consolidation and refinancing for federal and private loans, including Parent PLUS loans. They offer an array of choices to help you optimize your monthly payments, lifetime cost, or payoff speed.

NelNet U-fi

NelNet U-fi offers private and federal student loan consolidation and refinancing. Their aim of helping borrowers of student loans reach their educational and financial goals makes them more appealing.


LendKey offers student loan consolidation and refinancing for federal and private loans. It is a single platform through which one can find, customize and fund loans through credit unions and community banks.


Upstart offers a platform that provides personal loans for any purpose including student loan consolidation and refinancing.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offers student loan consolidation and refinancing for private loans only with Wells Fargo Private Consolidation Loan.

The Alliant Credit Union

jhjjhjhjhjhjhjhThe Alliant Credit Union offers both private and federal student loan consolidation and financing. They are a not-for-profit credit union that will help you to tame your student debt by combining all your loans into one with low monthly fixed rates.

Essential Techniques You Must Know For Studying At Home Without Distractions

Your productivity while studying is greatly determined by how focused you are while working on the task at hand. It is easy to get distracted by even the smallest of interruptions. That alarming beep on your mobile phone notifying you of a text message from your friends, the smell of food that is being cooked in the kitchen, or even perhaps the temptation to take a small nap, these are all categorized under distractions that greatly reduce your learning curve for that span of time. You cannot get rid of these disturbances completely, but you can adapt yourself to minimize the effects they have on you.

Let us take a deeper look into how to study at home without getting distracted.

Essential Techniques You Must Know About Studying At Home Without Distractions (3)Ask for Privacy

Let your friends, family and colleagues know that you need absolute solitude for a couple of hours. It is essential you let them know that you are not currently available for chatting, watching a movie or even going for a walk. Talk to people before hand who are most likely to disturb you while you study. When they see you making a legitimate effort to achieve excellence in your academic career, they will appreciate it and respect your privacy.

Sleeping Properly

As a student, getting proper sleep is essential. Those long revision notes and content can be extremely tiring to read and comprehend. Getting bored and tending to fall asleep is the most common reason people are not able to complete their tasks. If you have proper sleep, your brain will be prepared for a long stretch of learning without getting easily tired. Try to go to bed at a similar time each day to create a sleeping pattern for yourself. Avoid any intake of caffeine after 4 PM to avoid sleepless nights.


Even the smallest of stimuli like the sound of a housefly can cause a great deal of irritation or perhaps even curiosity. It is essential you keep your calm at these moments and concentrate on the work in front of you . Take deep breaths several times to feel relieved of these intense urges of giving up. Repeat the exercise until the urge no longer persists. Close your eyes count from 1 to 10. Attention also can be brought about by having a good night’s sleep. Clete A. Kushida, MD, PhD, associate professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University Medical Center argues that  the degree of daytime alertness is arguably the most sensitive measure as to how much sleep is necessary to an individual.

Getting rid of the internet and your smartphone.

Switch off your phone and keep it in some other room. Completely forget about its existence . You are not doing yourself a favor by wanting to check the latest news feed on your social media network. Games and little beeps on your phone can be extremely tempting. Make sure you are completely get rid of them in every possible manner. If you are too used to being on social media, allow yourself breaks for 10 minutes for every 1 hour of work you have done. Schedule how you are going to go about the usage of the phone throughout the day, not only while studying.

Optimizing your study area

Try to find yourself a small room with as minimal furniture as possible. The best Essential Techniques You Must Know About Studying At Home Without Distractions (1)configuration for your study room is a simple table with a single chair. Avoid comfortable items of furniture like couches, beds, and sofas. These are likely to cause an urge to just sit and relax. Electronic equipment like televisions, consoles, tablets and fancy gadgets are to be strictly prohibited in your study room. Make sure your table is clean and free of any stationary or paperwork which you do not require. Take a minimalistic approach while working in your study room.

And Finally…

The most important aspect is planning. Plan your day and decide what kind of tasks you need to complete today. Stick to it and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. The techniques mentioned above will only work if you want to make them work. If you take a proactive attitude towards each one of them, no one can stop you from accomplishing your goal.

The Three Sections of the Federal Student Loan Refinancing Act



Refinancing student loans has been a challenge to many students after school due to several reasons. Some students fail to get job immediately the graduate from college while some get jobs but have more financial commitments that they barely have enough money to repay their student loans. Therefore, on October 9, 2015, Mr. Peters alongside nine others introduced a bill in the House of Representative through the Committee on Education to legislate a law that will help students consolidate their loans for easy refinancing. The bill was referred to as H.R. 3751. This bill had three critical sections as elucidated here:

Critical sections

Below we have detailed the three main sections that would give you some useful information.

Section 1: Title

This part defines the draft law by providing a short title as the “Federal Student Loan Refinancing Act”. The objective of the bill is to enable some students borrowing federal loans to refinance them with little difficulty.

Section 2: Student loan consolidation

This article aims at making amendments to the 1965’s Higher Education Act, particularly on section 459B to allowkpkjkjjjj students who have more than one loan to consolidate them and facilitate repayment. This part established a temporary loan consolidation authority to handle some loans disbursed after July 1, 2006. It set out the categories of loans that qualify for consolidation including federal direct loans and other loans as well as the loans consolidation period.

It also set out the terms and conditions of the loans, which include determination of interest rate on federal direct consolidation loans, an original fee to take care of the cost of servicing and making the loan, and any other benefit that students borrowing loans can earn or receive. Based on the contents of this section two, students have an advantage and more benefits with this act in place than before its enactment. On the rate of interest, for instance, the law provides that the applicable interest rate on a federal direct consolidation loan shall be four percent.

The benefits provided for under this act include participation in particular repayment plans, accrual of monthly disbursements as part of the public service loan forgiveness and toward a loan discharge, forbearance, and deferments.

Section 3: Exemptions from other laws

kjkjjkkjjkjjkIn this part, the act outlines other statutes that shall not apply to it regarding the student loan consolidation and refinancing. Some of such laws inapplicable include the Paperwork Reduction Act, mainly chapter 35 of title 44, and the rule making requirements entrenched in the Higher Education Act of 1965, particularly Section 482(c) and 492.

Going forward, students have an advantage in consolidating and refinancing their loans because of the favorable provisions, terms, and conditions established by this act.

The Best Colleges Based on the Princeton Review



Before you select a college to register with in pursuit of you higher education, you would probably ask yourself certain questions or have some preferences in mind. It is significant that you know the features and qualities of different colleges and identify the best college that you would want to join based on your preference.

Princeton conducted a review of 380 top colleges by surveying about 136,000 students to rate their colleges on a variety of topics. This blog contains the Princeton Review of best colleges. Here is a list of some of the best colleges that featured in different categories.


Below are the top colleges based on particular categories.

Most beautiful campus

Based on the survey questions, the majority of the students surveyed rated Rollins College bnplkjmbvxz(FL) as having the most beautiful campus out of the 380 top colleges. If your interest is to enjoy the aesthetics of your college ground, then this is the choice for you.

Best college library

Going to college is significantly about studies and books. Therefore, as a student, you need an environment fully equipped with learning materials to help you with your learning process. The best college regarding library facility is Yale University (CT)

Best campus food

If you are looking to enjoy the most delicious food while studying in a college, then choose Bowdoin College (VT) because it topped the list in this category.

Best college dorms

Bennington College (ME) got the highest number of marks on students’ dormitories indicating that it has quality facilities and amenities for boarding students.

Community service

This category was a new one this year, and students were asked to rate their engagement on community service. Students from Brandeis University (MA) led in having participated in more activities in the society.

Best health services

If your priority is learning in an environment where your health concerns come first and get the most consideration, then the University of California –Davis (CA) became number one on this because it has state-of-the-art equipment as well as the best medical practitioners to take care of you.

Best athletic facilities

For students who like sports, the best college with greatest athletic facilities was Kenyon College (OH). Join them today and you will not be disappointed.

Happiest students

Students who gave more marks for being happy at the campus were students from Vanderbilt University (TN).

Best professors

On the ranking of college professors, the students at Swarthmore College (PA) gave their lecturers the highest marks to emerge top.

Other categories

afmkplkmjbvOther ratings on the survey included the most liberal students were from Marlboro College (VT), the best conservative students were from Thomas Aquinas College (CA), while the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (IL) topped as the party school.

Questions to Ask Before Refinancing Student Loans


Getting a student loan to finance your education is a brilliant idea. You are guaranteed of completing your studies and making repayments once you have graduated. There has been an increase in the number of private lenders who refinance student loans.

Refinancing student loans

As such, students have a choice of refinancing their loans. However, you need to ask a few questions before you decide to refinance such loans. This post addresses the questions to ask before refinancing student loans. Here are three questions you need to ask yourself before you opt for refinancing your loan with private lenders.


Will you be able to exchange the federal loan protection with a lower rate?

The good thing about the federal loans is that the interest is fixed and it does not change with the changes in thegbvfdxzwq economy or an increase in interest rate. However, when the economy has low interest rates, the federal rates can be a bit high.

The rates for subsidized undergraduate loans were ranging from 3.4% to 6.8% while the unsubsidized undergraduate loans where between 3.86% and 6.8%. This rate is high compared to the private refinancing that has rates of 1.9%. There is no doubt that you will save a lot of money if you refinance.

Do you qualify?

Given the low interest rates offered by private lenders, you may be tempted to go for refinancing. You need to know whether you meet the eligibility requirements. You should have a credit score of above 620, good income, stable job and low debt to income ratio. As such, you need to have a good credit history too.

In case you are a graduate, you have to ensure that your loan payments are up to date. These payments will play a significant role in improving your credit score. The application process for the loans is done online. The applicant needs to send a proof of their job security such as work contract.

What are the costs?

kkjkjkjkjqwwIn case you have all the eligibility requirements, you can choose from the many lenders available. You can inquire from your bank. You need to carry out research before you settle with a given lender.

Some of the questions you need to ask are regarding origination fee, the loan terms, if the rate is variable or fixed, whether there is a penalty fee for prepayment and the benefits that the lender offers. By knowing all the costs needed, you will be better positioned to make flexible payments.  Therefore, before you decide to refinance your loan have everything at your fingertips.

Basic Facts about Consolidating Student Loans



Even though variable rates may appear lucrative because of their low nature at the beginning, they keep rising with time. Thus, signing up for a low variable rate now puts you at the risk of committing to rising rates that may hurt in the years to come. As someone with many student loans, you might have asked about consolidating your private student loans and how you can go about doing so. Fixed rates may appear high at the start, but the fact that they never change not only makes them predictable but also low in the long run, thus they may be the better option.


Here are some of the features and benefits of loan consolidation.

Multiple repayments consolidated into one payment

As it is, the average student loan user has about seven loans with two or three loan services. Multiple loans with mnmmnnmnmnmvarious loan services can be tough to manage. Consolidating them into one payment provides you with one payment to make, thus making it easier for you to remember, not only the payment deadline but also how much you owe and to whom.

Lower interest rate

Fixed interest rates are always cheaper in the long run. Lower interest rate is a very direct advantage of consolidation. A lower interest rate means you give out less in form of loan repayment and keep more for yourself over the loan repayment period.

Lower monthly payment

Consolidation lowers the amount of money you remit every month as loan repayment. On average, loan repayment terms range from five to twenty years. Extending the payment period reduces the amount of money you are required to pay every month quite significantly. Reduction of money you pay every month gives you much relief, especially if you are on a tight budget. Therefore, you get more room to pursue other financial goals of life.

Anticipation of earning soon

Since repayment terms vary with consolidation plans, there are those that offer incredibly flexible repayment plans. These arrangements consider your current income, your financial commitments as well as future possibilities of a rise in your income. Anticipation of earning soon is particularly useful to fresh graduates earning an entry salary with anticipation of an increase coming through salary reviews or promotions at their places of work.

Possibility of releasing a co-signer

kjkjkjkjkjkjkkkjSince many students lack a steady income and credit history, they need a co-signer to meet eligibility criteria for loans. Although, co-signers may wish to free themselves from keeping their name on your loan records once you get financially established, they help a great deal before you get there. Please note that some banks offer consolidations with co-signer releases. Check with your potential lender for this option.

Health Science Lesson Plan For High School: Planning For Success

Health Science Lesson Plan for High School Planning for Success (1)


Planning for success in health science lesson for high school is important for every tutor who has prepared effective communication content. There are so many ways to run a health science classroom just like the way fish are with many in the sea. However, it does not guarantee that all the methods are smart and safe to use.

Successful lessons

Success in such classrooms will be reached if the lesson is organized in a precise manner like the one explained below. Here are some health science lesson plans for high schools:

Tools used to introduce the lesson

A typical health science lesson plan always starts with medical abbreviations (5-10 abbreviations) while the tutor takes attendance. After that, the previous lesson should be reviewed before starting on the new material of the day. In addition to the lesson, instructors should use HealthCare21 lessons so as to help students learn the given information.

Health Science Lesson Plan for High School Planning for Success (1)Main challenge for science lesson plans

One of the greatest challenges that a teacher must plan for is how to cater for absent students. Teachers typically tell the students who were absent during a certain lesson to take the responsibility and find out what they missed and make up for the assignment. But, most students are not responsible and need to be pushed so as to get back on track. To achieve the objective of the lesson, the tutor must take the initiative to meet the absentee in the course of the day or week. This becomes a challenge to the lesson planned for earlier.

Success of a prepared lesson

The greatest success of the tutors who prepared the health care lesson in high school is to see the students achieve their dreams and become successful. This will show the student that it was not just notes on a piece of paper while in junior years, but a gate to success. The successful students become a motivating factor to other students in high school.

The best thing about including HealthCenter21 health science lessonsHealth Science Lesson Plan for High School Planning for Success (2)

Healthcare21 is good as it gives students responsibility to learn useful information. With this, students easily pass the test and learn more relevant topics.

To conclude, Health science teachers are always busy and they are always tight for time. It can sometimes become too difficult to pull all the valuable information about the health science lesson plan while producing content for the lesson. With the right tools and plan it will be fulfilling to the teacher to realize how much has been accumulated in a short period.